Sleepover Party

   Sleepover Party

£250 for up to 10 children and £18 per head for additional children

-This party includes everything you need for a sleepover. We recommend this party for late afternoons/early evenings.

-The party starts with the children making there own pizzas. We freshly make the pizza dough before the party. The children roll out there own dough then top there pizzas with a range of toppings including tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, sweetcorn, ham, peppers, onions. The pizzas can then be put aside ready to cook when required. 

- The children then make there own chocolate truffles. Each child will make their own chocolate truffle mixture mixing cream and chocolate. They will then roll and pipe there truffles then dip them in melted tempered chocolate and then decorate before bagging the truffles up to take home.

-As a group the children make chocolate coated strawberries and chocolate popcorn

-Birthday girl or boy receives a Happy Birthday chocolate bar.

Includes all materials and contains party bags for children to take there creations home in. Aprons are provided for the children to wear. The party lasts about an 2- 2 1/2 hrs hours and your chocolatier will arrive 30 min before to set up and will remain for 30 minutes after to clean up.

Travel charges may apply depending on location. Please contact us for information.