CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN- have a chocolate fountain running throughout the duration of your party with fruit kebabs and marshmallows for dipping. From £40 (10-15 children)

7" ROUND BIRTHDAY CAKE- choose from vanilla, lemon or chocolate sponge covered in coloured buttercream of your choice and decorated with sprinkles with Happy Birthday piped on top. £25

DECORATE YOUR OWN CAKE- we bring to the party a 7" round cake, plenty of buttercream and lots of decorations and your party guests get to frost and decorate the cake £20

DECORATE YOUR OWN APRON- guests get to decorate an apron using fabric pens. They then take the apron home. £4 per child. 

ICE CREAM SUNDAES- we bring two ice cream flavours of your choice , plenty of sweets, sprinkles, fudge and flavoured sauces and whipped cream and your party guests can make there own sundae. £2.50 per child

CUPCAKES- why not have cupcakes instead of a cake. 12 cupcakes decorated with flowers, sprinkles or numbers. Choose your flavour from vanilla, chocolate, lemon or strawberry cupcakes. £24

PARTY BAGS- give your guests something fun and unique to say thank you with our make your own at home chocolate lollipop, brownie or cookie gift bags. £4.50