Corporate Workshop

We have a range of workshops for your corporate workshop. Our team building workshops are packed with tastings, competitions, demonstrations and of course lots of mouth watering chocolate! From our original chocolate making workshop to team building workshops




In this workshop you will;

  -Learn about the history of chocolate and the chocolate making process from bean to bar

  -Learn how to taste chocolate, when to taste and how to use all five of your senses

  -Taste a range of high quality chocolate from around the world, and learn about the different flavours within chocolate and about single origin chocolate


This workshop lasts around an hour and can be adapted to suit your specific needs. This workshop is £20 per person and a minimum of 6 people is required. We are happy to travel within Kent. 



 Our most popular workshopIn this workshop you make your very own chocolate truffles from start to finish as well as a personalised chocolate lollipop. 

In this workshop you will;

 -Learn to make a basic cream chocolate ganache and how to infuse flavour into your ganache to make a variety of different flavourings

 -How to roll, pipe and decorate your truffles -How to temper chocolate and then enrobe, dip and roll your truffles and how to use dipping forks.

 -How to decorate your chocolates using edible decorations 

 The class will last around 2 hours and is £25 per person. The class is held at your workplace or venue of choice. Travel charges may apply depending on location. Please contact us for more information. 


In this workshop we show you how to make different types of chocolates - truffles and chocolate bars. We then seperate your group into teams. Each team receives a brief to create a chocolate product for a specific market segment. Each team makes a product, packages the product and comes up with a sales pitch. Each product is judged and marks are given for following the brief, orginallity, creativity, team work and chocolate making skills. 


This class lasts around 3 hours and is £30 per head. The class is held at your workplace or venue of your choice. Travel charges may apply depending on location.